TPS 076: Random Thoughts on Recording Audio

I try a new way of recording my podcast (mic to Fethead to H4n, no mixer) and have a totally off-the-cuff episode filled with other thoughts about recording audio. In other words… I go off “script.”

The Podcasters' Studio

I also talk about SD vs HD video hosting and production. In my opinion, there is no reason to produce video in anything other than HD. You can always fall back to SD if you need it but you can never go from SD to HD. Future proof your productions by shooting in HD and then compress that file into whatever size you need. [Read more…]

Why Every Podcaster Needs a Mailing List

Every podcaster should have a mailing list. So to back up that statement, I’ve finally created one for The Podcasters’ Studio podcast and website.

As a podcaster, the main reason to create a mailing list is to make sure you never lose contact with your audience.

Websites can crash, iTunes can shut off your feed with no warning (I’ve seen it happen), feeds can break, etc. [Read more…]

PQT – Choosing a Mixer for Podcasting

When you’re deciding on what kind of mixer to get for your podcast there are several things to consider before making your purchase. I run through the most important things I think you should be looking for in a mixer that will be used for producing podcasts.

Some of the things I like to have in a mixer include USB 2.0 or better, insert channels to properly attached effects processors, real faders, mute buttons, and a few more things you’ll hear about on this episode.

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TPS Ep. 006 – Podcast Hosting Solutions

On this episode of The Podcasters Studio I talk about where to host your podcast files. It’s important before you officially launch your podcast that you have a hosting solution. You need to have a place where your mp3 or video files live.

Because you never know how popular your show will become, you want to host your files at a site that allows your show to grow without charging you for extra bandwidth. If your show gets linked to from another blog that has heavy traffic and you are not aware of this and you are hosting the files yourself, you could end up with one hefty bandwidth bill that you were not expecting.

In order to avoid this I present several options for storing your files online, including what I have used over the last few years and what I think are the best options for podcasters. Check out this episode for this important information that is a must know/decide before your show launches.

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TPS Ep. 005 – Feedburner for the Podcaster

On this edition of The Podcasters Studio Ray talks about the importance of using Feedburner if you are a podcaster., recently purchased by Google, is service that allows you to customize your feed. Once you have a feed for your show, head on over to and burn your feed. Doing so will allow you to create a valid feed that is recognize across all platforms as well as providing you the necessary enclosures for itunes submission.

Along with a valid feed and itunes compatibility, feedburner allows you to dress up your feed and include graphics, links to various sites like, twitter, and much more. Maybe one of the most important features is allowing your viewers the ability to subscribe to your podcast via email.

Tune in and listen to what feedburner can do for you and why it’s a must have if you are a podcaster. Don’t delay because this step should be taken before you launch your very first episode!

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TPS Ep. 003 – Skype for the Podcaster

On this episode of The Podcasters Studio I talk about Skype. What it is and the different ways it can be used.

Special focus is placed on the benefits of using Skype for podcasters. Learn what you will need to start conducting interviews with Skype including gear, software, and additional tips.

Have you ever wanted to record an interview where you and the interviewee were not in the studio together? I will let you know what you need to accomplish this whether you are on a PC or Mac.

Find out all about Skype in this edition of The Podcasters Studio.

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