TPS 081: Reaching Your True Audience and Growing Your Podcast

I’m back in The Studio after spending a week in Las Vegas attending and speaking at New Media Expo 2014 (NMX). It was, as you could probably guess, a great time. If you’re a podcaster who enjoys meeting other podcasters and learning how to better your show, it’s hard not to have fun at NMX. Lots of great content and endless amounts of great people and conversations.NMX_2014_panel_RayDaveDaniel-1sml2

While at the conference, I spent the majority of my time talking with people I previously only knew from online interactions (twitter, G+, podcasts, etc) and meeting people I had never spoken to before. While the content at NMX (sessions) are great, you’re probably going to have the most fun  meeting people who spend most of their time in a world much like your own (they “get” you;)).

I had some other duties while at NMX, I was co-presenting a panel on How To Grow Your Podcasts From 100s to 1000s along with Dave Jackson and Daniel J. Lewis as well as recording a live Round of Podcasters’ Roundtable. [Read more…]

TPS 080: Replacing Podcasts After They’re Published

Are you waiting to publish your podcast until you’ve gotten everything just right? Stop. Just publish. You’re ready.

I’ve seen more than one podcast delayed by perfection. The first thing to understand is you’ll never be perfect. This episode is a good example of that. In TPS 79: An Alternative to Skype, I left out a very important point but I went back and corrected it on this episode.HOA logo

One of the cool things about podcasting is it’s not perfect and when you make a mistake or figure out how to do something better, you can fix it or update in your next episode. Podcasts are, by definition, episodic in nature meaning they follow a common theme and often tell a story over time. Your podcast is that story and it will never be complete. The journey is the fun part.

Do your best to produce a great sounding podcasting with fantastic content and your audience will enjoy what you’re doing. I tell people all the time to “grow as you go.” Put in your best effort and your show will improve with every episode but you can’t get any better until you actually publish. [Read more…]

CFL Light Bulb Buzz – The Dreaded Hiss (Series)

This is part one in a series I’m calling “The Dreaded Hiss” which will feature different sounds commonly found inside a podcaster’s studio that can create background noise (often known as hiss) in your podcast’s audio.

CFL Bulb

The issue of buzzing compact florescent lights (CFLs) used to be a bigger problem then it is now. However, it’s good to be aware of how the lighting in your studio can affect your audio.

In the example below this post, you’ll hear an exaggerated amount of CLF buzzing. This is caused by having a CFL plugged into a dimmer (don’t do this). At full strength most CLFs no longer put off much, if any, buzz… but they can. More traditional florescent lighting is much more prone to buzzing sounds. [Read more…]

TPS Ep. 057 – The Benefits of Using a Mixer

Adding a mixer to your podcast studio will allow your productions to grow along with your show.

As you get further along in your podcasting venture, you’ll likely want to add in more capabilities such asdesktop rack mount Skype hosts and guests, more in-studio microphones, and built in capabilities for backing up recordings to avoid loss of your audio. Having a mixer in your studio allows you to easily add in these and many more features as your skills and productions progress over time.

On this episode I explain the many ways a mixer allows you to easily expand your studio’s capabilities and what features you might want to look for when choosing your first mixer or upgrading your old one.

TPS Ep. 035 – Phone Calls From Within Your Browser via Gmail

On this episode I talk about making voice calls from within your browser via Gmail, Podcamp Philly 4 and the presentation I’ll be giving, Camtasia for the mac, Gnomedex 10, and I’ll answer a few of your call in questions. Oh and the dynamics of moving your podcast studio!

Yep I’m moving to a new studio and with that comes some challenges that you may or may not expect.

Links for this episode:

Google Voice

Podcamp Philly

Camtasia for mac

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TPS Ep. 033 – Multiple Feeds via Libsyn, Edit Your YouTube Videos, A Critical Piece of Podcast Gear and More!

Learn how to use your single Libsyn account to create multiple feeds, edit video in the cloud via YouTube, stalk that twitter account that you want but someone else has, and find out one of the most important parts of your podcast studio that you might not have considered.

Right-Click to download

Links mentioned in this episode:

Twittercounter – Track a twitter username you want to get but is currently taken.
Splitfeed: Libsyn’s explanation page for how to split your feeds within one account.
YouTube Remixer: Information about the new cloud based video editor for YouTube videos.
Libsyn3 comparison page to older versions of Libsyn (i.e. whats new?) with screenshots.
Herman Miller Aeron Chair: My newest, maybe most important, piece of studio gear.
Tweetmeme Translate Button: translate retweets from your site into your audience’s native language.

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TPS Ep. 017 – Part 2 of my Interview with Jeff Roney

Jeff’s back in the studio, virtually via Skype, with part two of our interview.

On this episode we talk about twitter strategies, connecting with your audience, SEO, being a more efficient podcaster, content ideas for your show, and we take a look inside Jeff’s studio including what hardware and software he uses to produce his shows.

Take a listen and make sure to email your questions to me here at ThePodcastersStudio [at ] or call in via our irzpbannern studio phone line at 925.567.3335.

Also if you are in need of podcast consulting, you want to build your own show or improve the one you already have, please visit the consulting page and contact me for one-on-one training and development.

Thanks for listening, now go start a podcast….or two!

All music on this podcast are licensed via Creative Commons and available at

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TPS Ep. 014 – Getting Audio into your Computer

On this episode of The Podcasters Studio (TPS) I talk about the TPS website redesign, the importance of getting a business card made for your podcast, and some thoughts about mics, mixers, and audio interfaces.

The TPS website now has a cleaner look and incorporates a tumblr blog. If you don’t know about, go to the site and consider starting a tumblr blog for your show. It can also be used as a homepage for your podcast if you are looking for a really simple solution.
Produce Picker Podcast BUSINESS CARD
Business cards make your brand look more professional. As well they give you an easy way to pass the word about your show. Leave them in random places where people who you might think would be interested in your content will see them. Give them out to everyone you come into contact with and get the message out about your show. Learn some great resources for getting your own affordable business cards for your show on this episode.

Getting audio into your computer is not always a simple process. Learn about different ways for doing this specifically if you are interested in getting a mixer or an audio interface for your professional microphones.

Follow the show and ask your questions via

TPS Ep. 001 – A Welcome to The Podcasters Studio

Hello Podcasters or anyone simply with an interest in podcasting!

This is the first post on this blog site and I just wanted to take a moment to tell you what this site is all about.

The Podcasters Studio primary goal is to take you behind the scenes of podcasting. What gear do podcasters use? Where do they record or film their shows? How do they get their show from the studio, which could be as simple as a spare bedroom or as complex as a professional studio, to the web?

This inside look will be accomplished in many ways. There will be blog posts with pictures and diagrams as well as audio and even video! I’ll have video interviews with podcasters and get an inside look at their studios, their lives, and their techniques.

I developed this site because I like to help people learn about my passion, podcasting. I also enjoy producing podcasts and as a result this will also serve as a place to not only read about The Podcasters Studio but to watch as well. The podcast that will compliment this site will be of the same name.

The secondary goal of this site is to share everything that I learn about podcasting with you, the viewer or fellow podcaster. I spend countless hours on the web learning techniques, tips, and tricks about how to produce a podcast and all the elements that surround this emerging media.

The plan is to populate this site with any and all podcasting related material. As I learn something new, I will post it here. When I find a new great tutorial, I’ll make it a new blog post. I’ve also had lots of experience producing podcasts and often gives talks regarding all the techniques you will find here.

I currently work on four different web shows including this one as well as occasionally helping others with their own shows. You can check out all these shows by visiting the “My Web Shows” section located on the right. Enjoy, explore, and contribute!