PQT – YouTube Subscribe Button

YouTube took a page out of the podcasting playbook and released a one-click subscription button that you can place on your website (see mine in the sidebar on the right).

While YouTube is not podcasting because you cannot host and place your hosted files into an RSS feed, I do recommend that those podcasters who have the time, attempt to leverage YouTube as a platform for your audio podcast. [Read more…]

Earn Money When Someone Subscribes to Your Podcast in iTunes.

iTunesDid you know you can earn money when someone subscribes to your podcast in iTunes?

It’s true, iTunes has an affiliate program. Create icons, banners, text links and more by signing up with the iTunes affiliate program and you can start earning commissions when someone uses your link to buy items on iTunes.

If you’re already sending people to iTunes to subscribe to your podcast, you might as well earn a little money in return if they happen to buy music, apps, or movies while they are there. [Read more…]

PQT – Blackberry Podcast Store

Submitting your show to new podcatchers is the best way to grow your audience fast. Make sure to submit your podcast to all the podcasting directories you can find and don’t forget the thousands of people who are consuming, searching, and using the Blackberry Podcast store. Go to the Blackberry Podcast Store to create an account and submit all your podcasts (audio and video) today.
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Subscribe to Podcast Quick Tips
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Learn how to get started using iTunes


Learn how to get started using iTunes to subscribe to podcasts. If you’ve never used iTunes, this video will help you learn the basics. Itunes is great place to find podcasts on any and all topics including this show, The Podcasters Studio.

TPS Ep. 005 – Feedburner for the Podcaster

On this edition of The Podcasters Studio Ray talks about the importance of using Feedburner if you are a podcaster.

Feedburner.com, recently purchased by Google, is service that allows you to customize your feed. Once you have a feed for your show, head on over to Feedburner.com and burn your feed. Doing so will allow you to create a valid feed that is recognize across all platforms as well as providing you the necessary enclosures for itunes submission.

Along with a valid feed and itunes compatibility, feedburner allows you to dress up your feed and include graphics, links to various sites like Digg.com, twitter, and much more. Maybe one of the most important features is allowing your viewers the ability to subscribe to your podcast via email.

Tune in and listen to what feedburner can do for you and why it’s a must have if you are a podcaster. Don’t delay because this step should be taken before you launch your very first episode!

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