TPS092: Social Sponsorships and the Behringer Q802USB Mixer

What’s the value of a new podcast subscriber? Would you trade 20, 50, 100 dollars an episode for a new subscriber? Two new subscribers?

Social-Sponsorship-graphicA podcast sponsorship can be a hard deal to negotiate and for many smaller shows it’s not likely worth the tradeoff; having to put ads in your content for a small monetary return. But what if the exchange was not money but instead something likely more important to a podcast… new listeners.

Word of mouth is still the best form of marketing for any podcast. Trading ad space on your show for an introduction to a targeted, relevant, interested group of potential new subscribers may have bigger returns and is almost certainly a much easier form of sponsorship to obtain.

Social sponsorship is sponsorship deal for the rest of us. The average podcaster does not carry the number of subscribers that most ad buyers would want to see for CPM based deals. Yes you can cultivate a one on one sponsorship with someone who has a relevant business but when it comes to asking for money it’s often a much harder sale. [Read more…]

PQT – A Powerful Facebook Strategy for Gaining More Listeners

Find out about a powerful facebook strategy I use to potentially gain a large increase in the amount of people listening and subscribing to your podcast.
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TPS Ep. 028 – The Technical Pieces to Making Your Show a Success

If your podcast was up for an award, would it be a winner? On this episode you’ll find out which elements of a podcast are judged for The Podcast Awards. Get an inside look at the voting process and use it to make your show stronger.

Whether or not you are seeking an award winning show, this episode will inform you about all the factors that go into a strong podcast and podcast website. Following the tips here will make your podcast more relevant in search engines such as google and as a result you will receive more listeners to your show.

I also talk about the new spin-off podcast I’ve launched, Podcast Quick Tips and I answer a listener question about itunes and

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Links from this show:
State of the Podcast Sphere (report by Todd Cochrane and company from

Some of the elements that Todd Cochrane listed as voting criteria for his annual podcast awards:

  • good Content
  • sound Quality
  • content matches you about page
  • nominations (count for 40 points max towards deciding score)
  • show notes
  • branding
  • download link
  • media player
  • visible RSS feed
  • valid RSS feed
  • itunes feed link
  • contact email

TPS Ep. 020 – VIDEO Interview with Steve Cherubino (from Podcamp Philly ’09)

Steve Cherubino interviewed at Podcamp Philly 2009 about his show the Podnutz Podcast.

Steve gives us a tip from his presentation on podcasting about how to dramitcailly increase the number of viewers for your podcast with one, easy to follow method.

Steve also shares his favorite piece of podcasting software.