How to Submit Your Podcast to the TuneIn App

TuneIn is an app that allows you to listen to music, sports, news and most importantly podcasts from almost any device!

It’s available in select cars by manufactures such as Ford, Chevy, and Tesla. The app is also available for most smartphones, tablets and many smartTV’s. In other words TuneIn gives your podcast a very large potential reach of new listeners (over 40 million so TuneIn Radio app logofar).

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Appearance on BlogWorld TV

Here’s my (video) appearance on BlogWorld TV with Jeffrey Powers aka Geekazine, in a segment called “5 Questions.” I’ll be speaking at BlogWorld NY June 5- 7th. Use promo code: PodRay10 to save 10% off a ticket.
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TPS Ep. 034 – How to Avoid Losing Contact with Your Audience

On this episode, Vincent, host of This Week in Virology, calls in to talk about his mix-minus setup. Grant wants to know about slow download speeds from files hosted on and I talk about having a plan to stay connected to your audience if one or more of your broadcasting channels goes down or gets shut off.

I also answer a few questions that came in via twitter since the last episode including, wireless mics for video, getting phone call audio into your mixer, and an easy way for getting your podcast into the Zune Marketplace.

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Links for this episode:
Knowledge base article on for slow download speeds
This Week in Virology
Submit a Podcast to the Zune Marketplace
Sennheiser Wireless Mic Packages

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TPS Ep. 024 – Live Streaming Your Podcast

Going live to the internet is as easy as turning on your camera and connecting to any number of great free services. Broadcasting your podcast live adds a good deal of value to your show including live interaction with viewers, instant feedback, audience building, and an overall additional to your new media arsenal.

As long as you’re podcasting why not sign into,, or any of the many free services that allow you to have a live broadcast studio right inside your own home. It’s a great way to let your viewers/listeners get an intimate look inside your production and ask you questions in real time. As well your audience gets the chance to interact with each other via chat.

On this episode I talk all about my personal favorites when it comes to live streaming web sites, how I use them and why.

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Other Links of Items mentioned in this Episode:
Virtual Video Switchers (allows you to add FX and mutlicam to your live stream productions)