How To Use WordPress and Feedburner to Create a Podcast Ready RSS Feed (I NO Longer Recommend Using FeedBurner)

UPDATE: I no longer recommend the use of FeedBurner. It’s old tech that easily breaks and is no longer necessary IMO. To create a valid, podcast ready RSS feed, my recommendation is to use or host with and use the PowerPress plugin with WordPress. If for some reason you find yourself having to use FeedBurner, maybe you are using for your website, then this tutorial will help with that.

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In this tutorial I show you how to create a podcast ready RSS feed using either or your own installation of wordpress. I combine the power of wordpress and its ability to create as many feeds as you want, along with Feedburner to make a valid RSS feed for your podcast.

Part 2

Using WordPress and Feedburner to feed your podcast allows you a lot of control over what is in your feed and how your feed will appear on podcast directories such as itunes, Zune, Miro and anywhere else you submit your podcast.

TPS Ep. 005 – Feedburner for the Podcaster

On this edition of The Podcasters Studio Ray talks about the importance of using Feedburner if you are a podcaster., recently purchased by Google, is service that allows you to customize your feed. Once you have a feed for your show, head on over to and burn your feed. Doing so will allow you to create a valid feed that is recognize across all platforms as well as providing you the necessary enclosures for itunes submission.

Along with a valid feed and itunes compatibility, feedburner allows you to dress up your feed and include graphics, links to various sites like, twitter, and much more. Maybe one of the most important features is allowing your viewers the ability to subscribe to your podcast via email.

Tune in and listen to what feedburner can do for you and why it’s a must have if you are a podcaster. Don’t delay because this step should be taken before you launch your very first episode!

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