TPS Ep. 059 – Part Two – Audio Post Production for Podcasters with Joe Gilder

We’re back in the Studio with Joe Gilder, audio engineer and Joe Gilder playing guitar podcaster, for part two in our discussion about audio post production for podcasters.

On this episode (part 2 of 2) Joe and I open up the audio editor and take a look at the effects we use when post processing our audio for podcasting. Specifically we take a look at: 

  • Noise gates and expanders
  • Equalization (EQ)
  • Software compressors
  • Limiters
  • Deessers

Make sure to check out Joe’s site over at Home Studio Corner where he posts video tutorials and articles on topics such as compression and EQ.

If you missed part one, you’ll want to go back and listen to all the tips Joe and I gave for setting up your audio for getting the best results and cleanest audio before you enter the edit.

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