TPS087: EQ for Podcasts with Rob Williams

Ever wanted to learn how to use the post processing effect EQ? This is two hours of pure EQ talk for your podcast with professional audio engineer Rob Williams. While you still need to get your hands dirty and mess with the settings to truly learn EQ, this episode will help remove the Parametric EQfirst barrier to becoming great at using EQ…knowledge.

The best part of this interview (to me) is the focus on dialog and the human voice. You can find many tutorials for using an EQ to post process your audio but as podcasters we have specific needs. Rob and I dive specifically into what those needs are and how to use an EQ for podcasting (spoken word).

Some of the topics regarding EQ that Rob and I cover include:

  • what to know before you ever apply an EQ
  • setting up your recording environment to get the best recording possible
  • microphone technique and how EQ is affected by the microphone you choose and how you use it
  • achieving natural sounding/professional audio. Avoiding over-processing
  • dealing with audio issues caused by environmental factors (low-cut filter)
  • Creating a custom, signature sound
  • Other gear related to post processing such as headphones

Rob and I spend a large amount of time discussing his Vocal EQ Cheat Sheet. This is “all the main frequencies you need to consider when EQing vocals into one easy to follow diagram.”

This is how I found Rob. I was looking for a diagram that would do exactly this and he did a great job on it. Even better, he has generously made it available to us for free with a video that walks you through the entire diagram. It’s a must download and watch if you are going to use EQ for your podcast.

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