TPS090: Replacing Media Files and Behringer Xenyx UFX1204 Mixer Review

Of the many benefits of having a great podcast media host, having the ability to seamlessly replace a file is a nice option. With both Libsyn and Blubrry (use code: PodcastHelper for a free month at both), you have the ability to UFX1204insert a new file in place of an already published one. This allows you to easily fix errors after the fact without affecting your stats or remove time sensitive content once it expires. These are just two ways that replacing a file can help you in your podcast productions.

On this episode I speak to Krystal from Libsyn about how this process is performed inside a Libsyn account and the various options you have when performing a file replacement.

I also do a review of the Behringer Xenyx UFX1204 mixer.*

Quick steps for replacing a file on Libsyn

  • For overwriting a file that only new listeners (those who have not yet downloaded the episode) will hear:
    • login > go to “previously published content” > “edit” > use “replace” button (see image).


  • For replacing files where you want the listener to be shown that there is a fixed file (your podcatcher indicates there is a new file to be downloaded) simply delete the post with the “bad” file and create a new one. You may want to include some text indicating that a new file has been created and that is why users who already downloaded the file are seeing a new one. The stats for the deleted post will remain in your dashboard so that you can combine those with the new stats.
  • If you use FTP to upload your files, the replace feature will be initiated when you upload a new file with the same exact file name. So if your file is (ABC_001.mp3), the “fixed” or new file that will be uploaded should be named the same (ABC_001.mp3).

Services that download your file (Stitcher)

In the case where the directory pulls the original file from your feed and then serves up that copy to its listeners (e.g Stitcher) the replace feature, no matter how it’s performed, will not work. In this case, simply contact Stitcher and tell them you would you like them to “re-download” that episode.

Affect on Storage Space

Important to note that when replacing a file, if the file you are replacing has not yet been archived, meaning you are still in the current billing cycle/month, you will not use any additional storage space unless the file is larger than the one you are replacing. It’s a even swap if you are still in that file’s billing cycle.

If the file you are replacing is from a previous month, the new file will count against your current month’s storage space.

Review of the Behringer Xenyx UFX1204 audio mixer

This mixer is a unique, fully featured, analog and digital mixer that allows you to send multi-channel audio to your computer or an external hard drive. The ability to send multi-channel to an external HD is what makes this mixer so different. But if the preamps are no good then none of it matters. The good news is, the pre’s sound great, pushing my gain hungry microphones (ATR2100 and Heil PR40) while adding no self-noise (noise created by the components inside the mixer).


  • +60db Xenyx preamps (clean).
  • Price $399 U.S.
  • Multichannel audio out via USB2.0, Firewire or to external HD (high speed, USB2.0 or better).
  • 2 Aux sends (for performing a mix-minus setup)
  • Phantom power selectable by channel
  • Single knob compressor
  • PFL/Solo switchs for easy gain staging
  • 4 Insert channels
  • Sufficient headroom
  • Each channel has its own mini audio meters
  • “Talk back” feature allows you to talk to the people “on mic” without that audio going into the recording.
  • Mid band in the EQ’s in each channel strip have a parametric setting allowing you to adjust where in the frequency range you want the mid to adjust.
  • 2 headphone outputs


  • build quality could be better but it’s perfectly acceptable.
  • Preamp is extremely sensitive at its top range where you’ll likely be using it.
  • Multichannel audio recording is pre-fader (the faders will not affect the audio level in the recording). Levels can be affected using the gain/trim knob.

Links mentioned in this episode:

UFX1204 tests on SoundCloud

Do you need a reliable host for your podcast? Consider using Libsyn (my chosen host) or Blubrry (the only two podcast hosting companies I recommend) and get your first month free when you use promo code: PODCASTHELPER at checkout.

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