TPS094: International Podcast Day and the Focusrite Scarlett 2i4

IPD-Round-300International Podcast Day is September 30th, find out what you can do to support and grow the medium of podcasting.

The Focusrite Scarlett 2i4* audio interface is a great little device for plugging analog gear (microphones, mixers, etc.) into your computer and getting clean sounding, high-quality audio. 

On the previous episode (TPS093) I discussed how to get a mix-minus into a smartphone using the Rockit adapter. Thanks to a recent tweet, I realized I could pull off this same setup with a microphone/headphone in/out that I already have, the AspenMics Cell Phone TRRS Break Out Adapter.

Ray in IPD teeMake sure to join your podcasting peers in celebrating #PodcastDay every September 30th. There are many ways you can help promote podcasting during International Podcast Day and every day throughout the year.

  • Tell somebody else about podcasting! Choose a podcast you think someone else would like and tell them about it.
  • Visit the IPD website for a bunch of free promotional images, audio and other content that you can share on your own website, social media and beyond.
  • Live-stream. Use Google Hangouts, Periscope, blab or other live-streaming service to share what you’re doing during #PodcastDay or join us for one of our 24-hour streams where we’ll be going around the globe to check in with other podcasters and their IPD celebrations.
  • Use the hashtag (#PodcastDay) all day long and help us get in front of new eyes and ears.
  • Give your favorite podcast a rating and review wherever you listen (iTunes, Stitcher, other).
  • Send feedback to a podcast you enjoy. Send the show an email, tweet, comment, etc. and let them know you’re listening!
  • Go out and find a new show! Subscribe to a new podcast and share it with others.
  • Submit your podcast for the Gratitude Award.

I had a chance to try out a GoPro camera and here’s what I did with. Great little camera that should be in every videographer’s gear bag (guess I better buy one;)).

Focusrite Scarlett 2i4
The Focusrite Scarlett 2i4 is an audio interface that converts analog audio gear into a digital signal for interfacing with your computer. I’m using the 2i4 to get great sounding audio in as well as out of my computer.

It’s a travel friendly, well built, two channel audio interface that produces great sounding results through clean preamps, strong enough to power my ATR2100 and Heil PR40 microphones. Typically these mics need a substantial amount of gain and the +55db of the 2i4 provides enough for a strong signal with a little room left over.

Check out my 2i4, first-impression review. 

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