TPS Ep. 064 – The Future of FeedBurner, G+ Hangouts On-Air for Video Podcasting and ATR 2100 Mic Demo

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Have you heard that Google might be shutting down Feedburner?


Lots of people have but is it true? I have some of my own ideas and great resources for getting a much better picture of what is really going on.

You’ll also hear about some resources for moving your feed away from Feedburner if you decide you want to migrate your podcast feed(s) away from the service. The good news is, as it stands, everything is OK. Don’t make a snap decision and worry that you have to move your feed any time soon.

Want a new way to make money from your podcast? How about the ability to sell your digital content as easily as you can share it (i.e. Twitter, Facebook, G+, etc.).

Gumroad is a new service that allows you to upload your digital files, host them at their site for free and link to it via a short URL created by the service. Then you put that link out into your social world. Purchasing your content is as simple as clicking on the link and entering your payment info. Gumroad handles the entire process and their commision is only 5% + .25 for each transaction.

You could sell your back catalog, bonus content or even a photoshop file. Whatever you can create on your computer, you can sell…easily. Let your imagination go wild and make some money from your podcast.

Want an easy way to get into video podcasting? Have you heard of Google Plus Hangouts On-Air?

This is a very easy way to create video via Google and YouTube. Simply join your friends, co-hosts, interviewees, etc. on a live Hangout and it will be recorded and uploaded to your connected YouTube account automatically.

After that, if you want to turn it into a video podcast, you’ll get access to the .mp4 video file. Download the file and upload it to the host of your choice. Put that link in your RSS feed and you have a video podcast. All you need is a webcam, a microphone and Google Plus account.

Beyond getting you into video podcasting, this also gets you into live-streaming since you can invite infinite numbers of people to watch the live recording. You could rip the audio from the video and turn that into an audio only podcast as well. There are lots of options. Play around with a Hangout On-Air today and you’ll be ready to go if you decide you’d like to dip your toe into the video podcasting waters.

Perhaps that most exciting piece of gear to come to podcasting since it’s inception (is that a bold statement?), the Audio Technica ATR2100 is a dynamic, dual USB/XLR connected microphone. This could be the only mic you ever need to buy.

Perfect for the brand new podcaster or someone who has been recording since 2004. The ATR2100 sounds about as good as my Heil PR40 (you’ll hear this in this episode), a three hundred dollar mic. For only fifty dollars you get the benefits of a condensor mic (nice low end sound, bass) with the advantages of a dynamic (superior rejection of unwanted noise).

The mic allows you to plug directly into your computer via USB and start recording. The mic also grows with your studio and podcast. When you decide to upgrade to a mixer, you can plug this mic in via XLR and continue to use this mic in your podcast productions.

Check out the gear page located on this site and linked below for the ATR2100 as well as a complete list and guide of my personal podcasting gear.

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Full-time podcast producer and host of The Podcasters' Studio and Podcasters' Roundtable, I enjoy sharing my ten years of experience making podcasts to help others improve or start their own show.

  • Derek

    Google Adsense sent out an email last week, which notified that Adsense will no longer be shown in Feedburner as of December 2012.

  • Hi Ray, great show – as always!
    I am thinking about getting a new mic for my own podcast (IATV Radio, Right now I use a Sennheiser PC 7 headset. I was actually thinking about getting the Blue Yeti… but now I think I might go with the ATR2100 🙂

    Btw, any thoughts on ATR2100 vs. ATR2500?

    Cheers from Berlin

  • I am starting a new podcast I have used feedburner for a previous podcast but I thought I would "do it right" this time and use a custom branded feed. I am wondering what you are finding as the best alternative for podcasts specifically if you don't use WordPress. I use Blogger and would like to stay with the platform as I am very Google centered. This means I am looking for a service that can import a feed.

    Feedburner MyBrand is currently broken (CNAME will not verify) ~ I would stay with them if I this worked.
    Feedblitz & Feedcat do not appear to have itunes support
    feedity ~ no response on cost for custom domain & I am expecting it to be out of my price range
    RapidFeed ~ seems like it should work but the resulting feed is messed up and only shows the html code for the feed.
    podcastgen on sourceforge ~ (install on my own server) ~ This would be fine except that the way it works means I cannot import my feed from blogger and cannot use podtrac to track statistics.

    Bjorn Behrendt

    • This is tough. It looks like you've done much more research than I have especially with Blogger. This is just one reason I use WordPress. It really is the best for podcasting. That said it's sounding like you are not finding what you need and don't want to move.

      There is of course always the option of writing the feed yourself which may actually be better than trying to get all these other services to do what you want. You get FULL control and can insert any functionality you need.

  • topicsinkoreanhistory

    I'd really like it if in your episode summaries you had timestamps for the different topics because often there are things that I'm interested in and want to check out immediately and things I know (like video podcasting) are not relevant for me. Just a suggestion.

    • That's a great idea. Unfortunately the topic breakdown in the beginning is recorded first just like you hear it. So I have no idea what time the next topic will enter. I'll see if I can change this in the future cause it's a good idea.

  • topicsinkoreanhistory

    sorry what I meant was in the WRITTEN description of the show could you just plug in timestamps for the different segments?

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